Principal’s Message

Dr. Jagroop Singh Sidhu

“Our vision is to elevate DAV’s education to a global ranking & train our youth to become assets to the nation”. We have a phantom & set our goals to develop multi disciplinary milieu of professionals through our educational Institute to encourage technical education for all Indians, cause of , we believe the transformation of India from a developing a nation to a developed, one has to be knowledge determined.

In our institute, we try to incubate good moral & habits in our students so that they may aspire and achieve their goals in life. Never be content with the being average in life because average is as close to the underneath as it is to the pinnacle. So our Students are always encouraged to strive to become achiever. The protocol & culture of our institute helps them in this regards. Let’s say ” Come with us to make the nation more educated”.

Success is Neither Magical Nor Mysterious

Success is the Consequence of Making A Right Choice


Dr. Jagroop Singh Sidhu