From HOD’s Desk

Mr. Mohan Kumar Mishar
Mechanisms of machine are the sole of Mechanical Engineering. It expertise a person with design, production and maintenance as well as repair of machines . Mechanical Engineering plays an important role in the growth of civilization by concentrating on the dynamics structures such as engine, turbine, pumps and many more machinery.

Mechanical Engineers, in terms of employment have numerous options depending upon their area of Interest. Some of the areas are – Steel industry, automobile, fertilizers, cement, petroleum, textiles, railways, armament industries, shipping, forging and foundry industry, industries producing consumer products and many more public sectors like-
Consultancy and Entrepreneurships are also some preferences.

Here in DAVIET, Daltonganj, Palamau we have a team of faculty well qualified, experienced and always eager to enhance the knowledge of the student, guide them to excel in not only the theoretical knowledge but in the practical experimental learning also. We have all the well equipped laboratories for various fields such as- Mechanics, Thermal Engineering, Design Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Machine Drawing etc. we always understand the initial problems and queries of the newcomers, motivate and encourage them to excel in the brightest aspects of Mechanical Engineering. It is indeed a privilege to be the head of the department with such highly motivated and dedicated faculty/staff, who are all prepared to go extra mile for the betterment of our students.